Now before I was moody I was super duper horny… The past two weeks all I wanted was food and sex… Oh and when I got the sex is was like totally freakin awesome. Pregnant sex may actually be better than regular sex. Just saying. Like your hormones are off the charts. You have no idea lol. I heard some women actually get turned off at the thought of it but I’ve been totally different…. ITS GREAT!!!


My hormones are so off today… I don’t want anyone to bother me and the one person I do want to speak to never really seems to want to be bothered or it’s a really really quick conversation. So I’m like hey why even bother talking to that person right now because it’s just gonna irritate me if I’m waiting hours for a response or just getting little simple replies. Aren’t those dry ass responses so annoying? My hormones are also making me want to cry. There’s really no reason for me to cry right now but I do want to… Ugh pregnancy has me feeling all kind of ways

Baby Shower

I can wait to see the set up. My cousins are doing so good with the favors and center pieces. I’m so excited to see how the day is going to turn out. I hope awesome.